House of Coco

I am almost a Portland native as I have lived here for over 15 years. I am originally from New Mexico. So you might hear me talk about how I love Eugene and New Mexican Chiles all in one conversation. I see myself as being laid back, open-minded, loyal, a good listener, good cook, a pot smoker, and a little dark. I have had an interesting life so far with lots of stories to tell that involve love, sex, drugs, music, glow sticks, wigs, and lots of food!

I have a deep passion for music as it has saved my life on numerous occasions.

I love to listen to it, book it, and promote it!

Current parties are:

SNAP! 90s Dance Party in Portland & Seattle

Booty Bassment in Portland

I like to make lists. So here is 10 more things about me:
1. Lovecamp (google it) is a daily read in addition to LookBook
2. Has a foot fetish (my own!)
3. Wears tons of black
4. Likes Whiskey with a Beer back
5. Likes dancing and kissing in the rain
6. Used to DJ on a Pirate FM station
7. Very interested in learning more about typography
8. Likes sleeping outside
9. Loves Cheese and cooking Salts
10. Finds the Burger King “King” hilarious and scary

Contact info: | Twitter: mscocob

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